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Since hearing the news break on BBC news at 6pm, i’ve been in a sort of weird state and sense of mind. It literally broke my heart. Nearly 6 hours on from hearing the news, i’m still in this weird shocked state. I don’t know why its affected me so much. Maybe because I took such an interest in her…


If I ever turned invisible the first thing I’d do is go to France and beat up a mime. Everyone would think he is the greatest performer to ever live.

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What I’m really terrified of is leading an average, ordinary life with a regular job and an invariable routine, planned holidays, an average household, fixed responsibilities and not doing anything different to be remembered by.

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My name is Brittany and I live with my foster Mom.

We are trying to do something special for her company Women Empowering Women Everywhere (WEWE247). I made a video I am trying to make it viral. My foster mom is the best and deserves the best. When she took my ADHD Bi-polar troubled self in, she was already a single mom to a daughter with ASD, taking care of her elderly father and supporting her younger sister who was battling cancer. She is truly an empowering women.

When I came to her, I was contemplating suicide everyday, I hated my dark skin,my hair, my features…EVERYTHING. I was hanging out with the wrong people, doing wrong things and this woman, took me in knowing all of that. She taught me the rich history of my roots and the beauty that lies with my blessed dark skin. Today I stand here a young 16yr old girl who is empowered by the abundance of life, because of this woman.

Please help me spread the video i made for her. She is beautiful brilliant woman who deserves to be acknowledged.

If you do ever read this….THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

Britt brat

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here is the video!


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Not everything happens for a reason. Sometimes life just sucks.
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